High Quality Llambrich Drill Chucks

INOX Series: Stainless

Manufactured from stainless steel to withstand chemical corrosion.
Identified with special laser markings to hold up to the autoclave process.
FGE keyless chucks have milled instead of knurled grip areas to ensure non-slip hand tightening free of sharp edges. Excellent choice for use when operating with rubber gloves.
All FGE and GE drill chucks models are bead blasted with glass balls and have a passivation treatment by an electro-polishing technique. This adds additional protection against all types of corrosion, eliminates undesirable residual contaminants and improves the finish of the surface profile.
For the insertion of nails, screws, pins and other medical fasteners, all chucks come with a through hole.
Special designs, sizes and mounts for all types of applications are available upon request.
Lubricated with a special grease for food and medical applications.

Threaded Mount

High Quality Llambrich Drill Chucks
EDP Part Capacity Mount Key Dimensions (inches)
D1 L1 L2
L13967B CSS-04 R-5/16 GE .020 - .156 5/16 - 24 K0M 0.866 1.181 1.366
L14720B CSS-06 R-3/8 GE DS .020 - .291 3/8 - 24 K1M 1.118 1.575 1.980
L40699B CSS-06 R-5/16 GE-DS .020 - .291 5/16 - 24 K1M 1.118 1.575 1.980

Jacobs Taper

EDP Part Capacity Mount Key Dimensions (inches)
D1 L1 L2
L40680B CSS-04 J0 GE .020 - .156 0JT K0M 0.866 1.102 1.378
L40696B CSS-06 J1 GE-DS .020 - .291 1JT K1M 1.118 1.575 1.980
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